The Painkiller Saga

A Dangerous Trip

Wolves and Bandits, Oh My. T.T

A Bit of Shopping

Persona: de Lostanges, Kai, Samson and Teabagger


The group found their way to the seat of the Dukedom, Trollseat. While waiting for Crantt to acquire work for them, de Lostanges, Samson and Teabagger found their way to a local shop, The King’s Pants. The shopkeep was ecstatic to see customers and led them into a back room with various pieces of armor adorning the walls. Samson found his way to a red breastplate (and the shopkeep found his way into the first armor sale that year). Being a half-orc of generous proportions, Teabagger inquired after an armor of a tolerant size. His answer was a centuries-old half-plate produced from a display case, sold at lesser price due to the poor cognizance of the shopkeep.
At the same time, Crantt spied a half-elf with bow and sword in open carry. The old man had finally found work. Seeking another companion for his group, he offered an equal pay to Kai and sent him to bring the rest to him. Between a pile of letters and a collection of empty tankards, Crantt explained that a Duke of Northshir had a goblin problem that he was willing to go to some expense to remedy. Thus the party bought supplies and began the trek to Hagshill. Exiting the Inn, a Gnome with blood red hair in a chainshirt approached the group. He introduced himself as Rougemartin and left after asking about the party’s fortune. The party found a big man who answered to Fred in leathers on the carriage. Crantt had gotten them a “passenger” to drive.

A Chase on the Open Road

Persona: de Lostanges, Kai, Samson and Teabagger


Two days of uneventful travel went by with only a spot of rain. On the third day, a group of horsemen started to pass the carriage. Suddenly, the orc of the group took a swing at Fred with his battle axe. In response, Fred tried to drive the carriage in escape. Kai and de Lostanges climbed to the top of the carriage to fight while Samson struggled to fight while controlling a panicked Ed. Kai immediately hit a horse-bound archer in the chest with his longbow, sending the unfortunate elf flying from his horse. de Lostanges and the orc traded strikes back and forth, the orc taking a rapier point through the jaw out a spot behind the ear. Despite what seems a fatal wound, the orc continued to fight. Teabaggger took a break from petting Astaroth to demand the orc’s name, “I AM TEABAGGER, WHO ARE YOU?”
Between the longsword of Samson, the ancestral greatsword of Kai, and the rapier of de Lostanges, Childraper was finally killed and the other two horsemen met similar fates just outside of a small village. Doubling back to inspect the corpses, the group found a small amount in silver and copper coins, 4 sets of studded leather armor, a small piece of black obsidian, two trained warhorses and, for de Lostanges and with some effort, a jar of livers.

Experience Tally

4 Brigands = 4×400xp

Total per Person = 1600XP/4 = 400XP

Farmers’ Problems Come Knocking

Persona: de Lostanges, Kai, Samson and Teabagger


With a bit of asking around, the party heard of a farmer in need of some horses. Teabagger, de Lostanges, and Samson went into the local tavern to find the farmer. Teabagger went over to him with a spare tankard of “meed”. The farmer told them that his horses had been killed by wolves, and that was why he was unable to work (and ostensibly why he was there…ostensibly). The farmer and teabagger came to an agreement, and the horses were sold for half-price. The humans celebrated the sale by drinking till evening, while Kai soberly listened to the chatter in the bar. Loose talk told of bandits led by Red Marty “taxing” most and mugging those with valuables as well as a pack of unusually active wolves.
The hour late, the party asked about rooms from the barkeep. His initial offer of the sole room above the bar for 5gp was met with a face full of angry spittle from Teabagger’s objections. Soiled britches mean 5 silver for a night and that plans of thievery will be abandoned, it seems.
The next morning, they debated whether to take the bandit problem into their own hands. The altruism of the kindly paladin did not sway the wallets of the other three. Alarmed by the knowledge of multiple threats to travelers, Kai chose to ride next to Fred instead of in comfort. The caution paid off as he spotted the pack before they could encircle the carriage. Not willing to risk a fight with all the wolves, he told Fred to hasten the horses again. They soon found themselves fending the wolves away in a desperate fight to keep the carriage upright and horses sound. Samson dealt a death blow to one, sending it careening into another behind it while Kai nearly killed another with his bow. de Lostanges found a moving carriage disruptive to his lounges—stabbing air and Teabagger both. That did nothing to assuage the suspicions of Kai.
In the middle of the fight, Kai spotted a larger red wolf chasing the carriage. All were shocked when the wolf screamed, “Red Marty wants you dead!” The worg did its best to break his way through the back of the carriage. Misfortune struck the party all at once. The wolves found claws in the horses, barely failing to bring them to the ground. Kai dropped his sword on the top of the carriage, his gratitude that he had not lost it was short lived as he dropped it off the side immediately after. Unwilling to say goodbye to his inheritance, he dove off the carriage after it. Teabagger dove off the carriage after him and Samson lost control of Ed, finding himself carried off the path toward the forest. de Lostanges and Fred were alone and facing four wolves and the raging worg.
Faced with dire straights, Fred revealed his propensity for magic. In a burst of flame, he summoned a fire elemental which held pace with carriage and wolves. With the fiery aid, de Lostanges sent another wolf smashing into his fellow, killing one and nearly killing another. Incredulous at the “fire gnome” in front of him, the worg fled into the forest as Fred lost control of the horses but froze the last wolf in place. Without ceremony, de Lostanges exited the carriage and killed the wolf before Fred’s magic could subside. With equal lack of excitement, Samson killed the delayed wolf that faced down Teabagger and Kai. Ecstatic, the fire elemental chased down the finally failing wolf and immolated it in glee. At high noon, Fred went about healing the horses and men.

Experience Tally

5 Wolves = 3×400xp
1 Wolf – Nuked by NPC SoD then Stabbed
1 Worg – Ran Away in Fear of “Weird Flamming Gnome”

Total per Person = 1200XP/5 = 240XP

Experience Progression

RP Bonuses

  • Negotiated over Prices in Character
  • Debated Whether to Help with Bandits (Slightly Out of Character)
  • Diving Off a Moving Coach

RP Bonus XP = 150XP

Total XP +790…54XP to lvlup


Blouc Blouc

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