The Painkiller Saga

A Dangerous Trip (part 2)

In which a tongue teleports

No Rest for the Weary

Persona: de Lostanges, Kai, Pelerin, Samson and Teabagger


Another day on the road passed uneventfully for the party, villages and roads passing like clouds in the sky. As night settled, they camouflaged the carriage and established a watch that best benefited their abilities. Kai and de Lostanges took the first watch so as to catch the lowlight. Samson and Teabagger were to take the second watch, and Pelerin and Fred for the last. In the dead of night, Kai heard the rustle of a carriage fast approaching. The two crept to the roadside to get a better look. The carriage slowed to a stop as close to their camp as possible. The carriage was looking for them. Three humans left the vehicle dressed in familiar studded leather. Their cursory search found nothing but they headed toward the party’s carriages as if guided by someone more sighted then they. The coachman and another started away from the carriage. In a fit of inspiration, de Lostanges snuck up the road and mimicked “noises of the night”. The second group ran towards the sounds, time bought for the party. His errand done he snuck back to the campsite…but not quietly enough. His targets of distraction heard his step as an unfortunate twig broke in the grass. They bounded off in the direction of the sound, their prey itself unseen.
In the meantime, Kai had swiftly awoken the party and returned to a close vantage behind some trees. The three enemies casually walked closer to the campsite, only to be confronted by a bright light. Illuminated by a light spell on the carriage, Pelerin stood before them in his nightgown and sputtered “Y-you should not be here!” One fell down in fright, the others approached him unimpressed. When Pelerin decided to flee, all hell broke loose. He found himself held by a thug, Kai’s arrow found itself in the carriage beside a thug’s head, the thugs found themselves facing a screaming, mostly naked Teabagger, and a very unphased Samson found himself threatened at sword-point. The cowardly of the three ran away faced with spittle and fat, “away” being face to face with his boss. The gnome from before approached, flaming sword in hand. Faced with gnome and man, Kai’s sword missed deflection and his side tasted lackey steel. Faced with bad odds and possible death, Kai fled to behind the carriage. Pelerin set slumber upon the thug nearest to Teabagger, leaving the man resting peacefully upon the half-orc’s stomach. With a merciful but strong hand, Teabagger assured that the man would not walk for some time. Samson confidently dealt with his harasser only to have the other two finally bound into the spell-light.
de Lostanges dueled alone with Rougemartin and man taking and giving blow. In a stroke of luck, Rougemartin’s flaming sword slipped from his hand and into the gut of his hireling. Without ceremony, he pulled a dagger and it sprang alight. The two remaining men proved no match for Samson and Teabagger, as a few seconds dance of hammer and sword incapacitated both. Sustained by Pelerin’s healing, Kai and de Lostanges fought Rougemartin. The surprise of his magical deflections and attacks explained the gnome’s confidence. However, a remarkable blow from Kai was the deathknell of Rougemartin, splitting magical shield in twain. The battle seemed settled with two fleeing, three unconscious and one dead. Without explanation, the red worg sprung from the grass and attempted to flee with Rougemartin’s corpse. In happy serendipity, Pelerin’s slumber found the wolf and devastating blow after blow rained upon its monstrous form. The battle ended, the party slept for the night. When they awoke, the gnome’s corpse was missing and the mens’ throats slit.

Experience Tally

5 Brigands = 5×400xp
Rougemartin = 1200xp
1 Worg = 600xp

A Treasure Hunt


Griffon ivory-hilted dagger besides, the group was disappointed in the lack of spoils among the bandits. Roguemartin’s magical chainshirt aside, his dagger was nonmagical and the richest prize was a picnic basket of food in his carriage. However, they found a map on the carriage driver’s seat. They tied the extra horses to the back of their carriage and ventured onwards. They found buyers for two of the fine collection of the studded leathers that the party had been accumulating. They found these buyers by pulling them off of a protesting Blackmyre in a roadside inn. As he said, “It’s not my fault if my dice always roll ones”. In hopes of finding Rougemartin’s treasure, the party selected a more difficult route through a forest. The foliage grow thicker and darker as they progressed into the forest. A broken gourd on the roadside evoked a face—and the brewer in Teabagger. He collected the plant into his cask to ferment. With time came strange noises, gourds bouncing in the trees, and eyes and scales in the bushes. Teabagger’s roar frightened the animated plants out of the branches. Fred and Kai narrowly avoided them as the splattered against the carriage. The surviving gourdmen competed with Teabagger in collecting the pulp on the carriage top.
They rounded an interior lake and found a concealed path. The path led them away from the noises and eyes until at last they found a quaint red cottage of some size. Their knocks were answered by a portly chef. His protests that “Only Rougemartin could let people in” were eventually superseded by lies that the party was under Rougemartin’s orders. The majority entered while Kai remained outside with the carriage. Rougemartin’s house proved lavish in food and art. A masterwork rapier found its way onto de Lostange’s hip and caches of jewelry and gold were spred among the party. Unthinkingly, Teabagger found a letter from Rougemartin, addressed “Just in case”. It read, “Knowledge is power. I like power. Gather power and bring it to me.” When they went to exit however, they found the door mysteriously shut. No agency the party possessed could open or break door or window. Aided by Pelerin’s mystical acumen, the party also found a mysterious set of bookends on the mantle. Set before a portrait of Rougemartin, anything placed between them was teleported to the bookcase across the room. No solution of the door issue was found. With this, the truth came to the cook, Pratchet Holt. He was ecstatic to be free but saddened to be trapped. He mentioned that Rougemartin had left instructions to exit the house.


Blouc Blouc

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