The Painkiller Saga

A Rough Night in Kitsden

It ends with a tea party


Persona: Blackmyre, Chorster, Pelerin, Lostanges, and Samson


There are a variety of reasons to be in jail. Each person sitting on the cold stone of the prison of Fort Kitsden had one—not that they felt overly inclined to share it. They were all there only temporarily, waiting for the transfer to a higher authority. Lady Musk had personally expressed her displeasure that the right of punishment was no longer hers. They waited several days, anticipating the come of the fortnight with uncertainty. Then one night, Daviad was awakened by the clink of metal on metal. Through never-groggy eyes he saw a wiry male figure, draped in shadow, leading the discomforting lad out of the cell across from him. “Hello there.” He said, “Nice night, isn’t it?” Like rats from a cat, the figure and boy closed the cell door and ran from the cellar prison.
A fair number of the rest awoke from the sound of his voice. Through the short windows at the top of their cell Daviand, Lucien and Rodrick saw flashes of dim light then a horrible groaning sound arose, as if a hundred souls had been awoken against their will. Rising to the challenge, the fat half-orc’s snores competed with them for volume. Soon enough, a single groan grew louder until a walking corpse stumbled down into the room. In panic, Blackmyre summoned acid upon the rusty hinges of his cage. The door fell with a loud thump and he hastened to test the endurance of other doors hinges, his own escape blocked by a hostile corpse. Indignant at the living dead, Arthur Crantt charged the zombie, wrestling with cold flesh but never gaining the advantage. Once free, the rest hastened to gather their arms and the first zombie fell to a collection of slashing blades.

Experience Tally

1 Zombie Humanoid = 1×200XP

Total per Person = 200XP/5 = 40XP

The Organ Grinder

Persona: Blackmyre, Chorster, Pelerin, Lostanges, Samson, and Teabagger


Experience Tally

4 Zombie Humanoids = 4×200XP

Total per Person = 800XP/6 = 133XP

Creepy No More

Persona: Blackmyre, Chorster, Pelerin, Lostanges, Samson, and Teabagger


Experience Tally

3 Zombie Humanoids = 3×200XP
4 Bleching Severed Heads = 4×200XP

Total per Person = 1400XP/6 = 233XP

Experience Progression

RP Bonus XP = 50XP

Total XP +456…844XP to lvlup


Blouc Blouc

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