Creating Characters

Alright guys, this is a good start. I’m allowing one of two methods of attribute selection:

The typical way one selects one’s attributes is by rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest roll, and doing this six times. I like using this site for that. If you use that site, click the “show PBE” checkbox. Feel free to reroll your stats if the PBE was less than 34. (This is a little high, but I’m willing to rework things to keep it challenging.)

The more flexible way is the point buy system, this allows you to put your abilities where your character needs them but takes the randomness out of play. (It also takes away the chance of really sweet rolls.) If you use the system described in the link, we’re running a max point buy of 36. If you want to use 3.5e-style point buy, then run a max of 40. (Yeah, I know, really strong point buy.)

Some other notes:

  • Feel free to come to me if you want to try a race that isn’t listed in the d20pfsrd link. If you’re stuck for a race, choose human. They’re the most forgiving even if a little boring.
  • Lesser tiefling/aasimar are discouraged.
  • You’re welcome to take feats from 3.0 or 3.5 but please clear them with me first.
  • I’ll let you exceed starting gold’s worth of loot in one of two ways: a nice mundane item that can be explained through backstory or a magical item with a plot hook on which we work together. evil laughter
  • I am giving you guys 2 “levels” of commoner. That means 2d4 extra HP, 2x(2+int) extra skill points, and +1 BAB. These don’t count in any other way.
  • As in any game, backstory is encouraged/a good way to get stuff out of your dm.

Creating Characters

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