Geography of Parkis

The Isle of Parkis is edged by impassible cliffs and horribly rough waters.

North Parkis (Nordshir)

Nordshir is of a slim majority human. Several tribes of elven nomads cross the grasslands as well. Merfolk, sylphs, undine, glomings and nymphs have small populations across the land.


Blackmyre was given to the house of Blackmyre out of gratitude for services rendered and pure spite. Fully eponymous, Blackmyre was once a black mire. Henry Charles Blackmyre was every bit the lout that Henry James Blackmyre is and James Lindsay Blackmyre is predicted to be. The king could not stand the brandy-laden air around H.C. Blackmyre much less conversation or socialization with the new lord. As such, Henry Charles of the Northern Regiment became lord of the most inhospitable of the “reallocated territories” acres upon acres of marshland seated upon a small fortune in natural coal. Blackmyre’s alcoholic ineptitude soon led to a complete strike against work in the mines, which remain closed to this day. Several failed attempts to create proper hunting forests (and the end of the regular and now essential mining pollution) has destroyed the local ecosystems. The land is now unnaturally beautiful dales. It is prized as a destination for the nobility of North Parkis to vacation (as “guests” of the unwilling host, Lord Blackmyre). The house finds itself near destitute between regular guests of extravagant tastes, no trading resources to speak of, and an inherited thirst of high cost.

Center Parkis (Daleshir)


Kitsden is a small farming/trade hold notable as the site of multiple large battles of ages past. In the current era, it finds itself as a common stop on the main road from North Parkis to the rest of the land. The poll taxes have provided nice income and the local inn has a reputation for safety and affordability.

West Parkis (Vulcanshir)


The grand metropolis of Sainte-Danse rims and intrudes deep into the sides of an ancient caldera lake at the western end of the continent. Each “ville” of Sainte-Danse is ruled by its own Baron and the collective city is ruled over by the Archduke of Vulcanshir, Baldrik Renaud-Croquemontange. The districts are mostly dwarven but for the human district of Sainte-Alvère, however each has a diverse population. The people of the city are preoccupied with science, culture, finance, and luxury goods.

The cliff-side ends a mere couple of yards from the western rim of the caldera. Grand staircases reach from Sainte-Alvere in the north and Sainte-Berenger in the south arching over cliff face into the sea air as if leading to a magnificent throne in the sky.

Northeast Parkis (The Violent Lands)

The one area of Parkis not under the control of the crown of Zanthos, the Violent Lands are a tumultuous mix of elvish, orcish, and hobogoblin tribes vying for territory. The rare tribe resembles a small fiefdom while the majority cling to old ways. The only certainty is that a Zanthean incursion is viewed as a threat by the whole.

Geography of Parkis

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